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      Antique Clocks

      Antique clocks are unique and reflect the craftsmanship of their makers. They are not just functional pieces, antique clocks, those that are 100, 200 or 300 years old depict the stylistic trends of their period. Each clock is a “living” functional piece of antique furniture. Their constant tick is comforting and re-assuring. Each clock represents the clockmakers' collaboration with his livery or guild peers, with his suppliers and of the cabinetmakers of the day who helped create an item of enduring beauty.

      I created this website to share horological information and to provide the knowledge that may help educate those interested in the world of antique clocks and watches.

      For more information regarding purchase, appraisals, horology or restoration, please review the appropriate pages of this website.

      The useful links page will connect you with some of the leading horological sites and organizations.

      To send an email please go to the Contact page of this website .

      Through the Golden Age

      Visit grettonbook.com to learn about our stunning 660 page, full colour book focusing on early English clock and watchmaking and associated horological history.
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